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Recapturing the American Spirit Winston6908 11/19/2003
Persecution...Beginning in Massachusetts... Winston6908 11/18/2003
The Coming Persecutions, Coninued.... Winston6908 11/17/2003
History Repeats Itself--The Coming Persecutions Winston6908 11/17/2003
Prescience Winston6908 11/16/2003
Onward, Christian Soldiers! Winston6908 11/14/2003
Look For The Lord! Winston6908 11/14/2003
Radiance of The Night's Day Winston6908 11/13/2003
Bring On The Liturgical Dancing Girls! Winston6908 11/12/2003
Power in Your Hands Winston6908 11/12/2003
St John of the Cross Winston6908 11/09/2003
The Course of JUDEO-CHRISTIANITY in the Balance Winston6908 10/31/2003
Faith is Timeless Winston6908 10/30/2003
Don't Sign The Kyoto Agreement--Just Yet Winston6908 10/29/2003
The Issue Is Not Settled--Homosexual Propaganda Aside Winston6908 10/29/2003
Do Not Be Afraid--You Are Not Alone--Christos Redemptos Winston6908 10/28/2003
Welcome to the Real World, 2003 (Jewish World Review, 10-27-2003) Winston6908 10/27/2003
Where Did Contemporary Incivility Have Its Roots? Winston6908 10/27/2003
Civil Discussions on Incivility Winston6908 10/26/2003
The Coming Civil War (Except It Won't Be So Civil) From: WSJ Winston6908 10/24/2003
Thank you, Anonymous, for your perceptive comments. Winston6908 10/23/2003
Regarding Terri Schindler-Schiavo (From: Catholic and Enjoying It) Winston6908 10/23/2003
When We Think of Jesus, Think Upon This Winston6908 10/23/2003
Matthew's Gospel Passage Is Immortal Winston6908 10/23/2003
Mark Shea As Always On Target Winston6908 10/22/2003

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