Onward, Christian Soldiers! 

Onward, Christian Soldiers!

The Problem with Christians???


By JB Williams on 11/14/03
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The problem with many Christians today is that they read the parts in the Bible where Jesus was tolerant, forgiving, inclusive and gentle. They read how he turned the other cheek over and over, and how he loved even the sinner. (Thank God he does, since we are all sinners.) But they have either missed or forgotten other parts of that same Bible which are equally important.

Jesus, despite his tolerant gentle nature, (his purpose), was completely committed to his beliefs, always outspoken about them, and never yielded to those who would speak against him, even as they nailed him to the cross.

Though Jesus came to forgive us for our human frailties, he never over-ruled his father???s commandments, nor did he lift the weight of personal responsibility each of us carry, to be a warrior for good over evil. Some believe in the good of Jesus, but overlook the evil that exists. Others see the evil in this world, but do not feel any personal responsibility to fight those evils.

As a result, Christians find themselves losing the battle to keep their beliefs a part of every day life, in their government, their courts, their schools, or anywhere in the public arena.

They stood silent, as evil removed God from our schools, the place where our children grow up. They remain for the most part silent, as evil removes God from our Justice System, where only God???s divine guidance will keep us a Just people. They sit quiet, as a few obstructionists block Christians from bench appointments, because of their beliefs. Next they will watch as God is hauled from our State Houses, leaving ultimate rule in the hands of men. Then they we grieve as their God is removed from our founding documents, our pledge of allegiance, and our currency. Last, they will only remember what America once was, when it was blessed by the grace of that God, and wonder what happened to that America.

Though more than 80% of our people are Christian, (as were our founding fathers), they turn not their cheek, but their heads as our nation is in a free fall from any moral code of standards. They weep for every aborted child, rather than putting a stop to it at the polls, deceived and confused by immoral justification.

They struggle to save their church, and their collection plates, while sweeping pedophile priest under the carpet, in the name of tolerance and forgiveness. Some have gone as far as to ordain a lifestyle, referred to in their Bible as an abomination, in the name of inclusiveness.

I???m not a preacher or even close, nor am I an accomplished Biblical historian, so if you???re thinking I???m not qualified to say all this, you are probably right. I am just one of the 80% who recognizes that what???s going on in my country is wrong, and I???m willing to take a stand, as I believe Jesus would, were he standing in my shoes. I am a sinner, a mere mortal who is concerned about the future of a nation God has blessed so much. A man who wants his grandchildren to know the America he knew. A man confused by the silence of people who feel the same as I do.

Make no mistake, the separation of church and state promised by some, has never existed in the history of this country. As a young nation, we built churches first, and then held school in those churches. I am concerned about what a Godless America might look like, and I can???t figure out why we would allow it to happen.

We are the majority, and we do have the power, but if we won???t use that power for good, what good is it?

If you believe as I do, that America???s greatness is not of itself, but of a higher purpose, and that our children deserve an America as good, or better than the one our forefathers handed us, then we must be silent no more. We must be deceived no more, tolerant no more, less concerned with inclusiveness and more concerned with where we are headed.

Our opponents have clear intentions of completely removing God from our society and so far, we have provided no real resistance. If nothing else will get you to the polls on Election Day, this should. God help us if it doesn???t!


And then one night, knocks begin on the doors of active Christians by the forces of evil let loose in this country because not enough people truly cared.



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