Recapturing the American Spirit 

Recapturing the American Spirit

(Courtesy of Larry Leonard)

Enough is Enough: Let's Take This Country Back
Noticing the PBS program devoted to homosexuality, In the Life, on the night of November 18, 2003, I wondered if there was a program on public broadcasting dedicated to glorifying the life of heterosexuals. Then, it came to me that next PBS should introduce a program sponsored by NAMBLA about the life of people who practice adult-child sexual relationships. And, of course, we'll need a program about the life of people like Larry Flynt, who like to have sex with farm animals.

Have you had enough, yet?

With today's ridiculous Massachusetts Supreme Court decision about homosexual marriages, anything is possible.

Mormons used to have multiple wives. They can probably have them again, I suppose. Moslems already do in places. What if I wanted to marry every unmarried or divorced woman in Oregon? Would my employer have to provide health insurance coverage for all of them? If you can marry somebody of the same sex, what about bisexuals? Could they wed one of each sex at the same time? What if I wanted to marry a burro? Would my employer have to provide veterinary coverage?

Have you had enough, yet?

Back in the 50s I knew a guy who loved his car. I once saw him having sex in it, but never saw him having sex with it. If that happened, I assume he did it in the privacy of his own garage. Some people like having sex with corpses. I don't know how a corpse could say, I do, but the phrase until death do us part would have a certain irony if one of the people getting married was in a casket. Is there a PBS program about living-dead relationships?

Have you had enough, yet?

You younger kids are unlucky, and I apologize for what has happened. I remember a time when most of what passes for culture today in America would have been laughed out of every town, every legislature and every court in the land. That was before the liberal judicial appointees of FDR had evolved into the overlords of this nation's culture and social structure. Liberals say that was a terrible time to be alive.

Here's what it was like. The illegitimacy rate was 15% instead of 75%, you had to work till the middle of January to pay all your taxes, children were safe in the parks, movies didn't glorify free sex and gratuitous violence, the drug of choice was aspirin, beer a Lucky Strike or coffee, a car left on the side of the road wasn't trashed and most people left their front door key under the mat. Don't doubt it for a second. I was there. It was actually like that. There were no such things as driveby shootings, children behaved in school and learned the three R's. The founding fathers were treated with respect in education, boys left highschool and went to college, into the military or got a job, and the elderly were considered valuable members of the community and were treasured for the wisdom of their years.

I miss it. Maybe we should take America back. Depending on the shifting political winds, we are six or seven senators from doing it, you know. Six or seven more in the U.S. Senate and we will have the U.S. Supreme Court. All we need is just enough federal senators to be able to shut down a filibuster, and judges who don't invent new meanings to the U.S. Constitution will fill the benches from the bottom to the top.

It's a war, folks.

Dedicate one hour of every week between now and the next general election to the effort. Two hours, if you can. Let despair turn into action. Say a prayer of promise to your God. This is the time. Victory over this rape of decency and reason is in your grasp. Find a conservative candidate standing for the U.S. Senate and give money and time to help with the campaign. Put up lawn signs. Put a bumper sticker on your car. Most of all, when the time comes, vote. If you know somebody who could use a ride to a polling place, give them that ride.

Give George W. Bush your vote in 2004. Return him to the White House so we will get the kind of judicial nominees the Democrats are filibustering right now. And, help America gain the six or seven more federal senators needed to shut down that filibuster and allow a floor vote on conservative judges. We are that close to the beginning of a return to sanity. If you have had enough of what we have now, the path to madness I have described above, do something about it before the next workday has passed.

If you live in a state like Oregon where even the Republicans don't support conservatives, use your computer to find other conservatives and join together to find one you can run in the primary. A "moderate" Republican is nothing but a Democrat wearing a tie. Find a real conservative, set up a website, start collecting campaign funds, talk to people, locate speaking engagements for your candidates, work, work, work.

You can do it. If you do, a miracle will happen about a year from now. America will change direction.


???? 2003 Oregon Magazine


There is anger in this land directed at the perversity of the Left and its minions who will corrupt this country and kill its spirit if not checked.


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